Virtual Reality | Mixed Reality | Augmented Reality
Strategy and Production

We assist innovation-focused organisations to push out boundaries, create value, transcend competitors in a fast-changing world.



Immersive experiences to engage, entice & activate emotions & behaviours

Customer Engagement

Building next generation platforms & tools for how we buy

Brand Experience

Immersive experiences to engage, entice & activate emotions & behaviours

Virtual Commerce

Powerful experiences to build relationships with companies, services & products

Business Redesign

Unlocking new opportunity enterprise-wide


Immersive Data

Rich visualisation of data to inform next-generation effective decision-making

Team Performance

Measurement-based experiences and processes to significantly increase individual and team performance

Retail Customisation

Platforms to enable high-experience customer-driven product customization and transaction

Strategy Facilitation

Immersive landscapes to enable collaborative strategy development for boards and executive teams

Experiential Training 

Accelerating learning through deeply engaging role-playing and seemingly real-life experiences


We believe in the power of collaboration in uncovering the value of new technologies.

Project Kyoko is a closed door research consortium of like-minded people and organisations who can see the value and impact that virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality (VR/AR/MR) will have on their business.

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Project Kyoko