Tap the power of 3D information interfaces

In a world of infinite information, sophisticated users are drawn to 3-dimensional representations and interfaces.

MultiDimensionCorp provides world-class professional services and apps to tap the power of a 3D world.

3D information visualization
3D productivity apps
Virtual Reality information visualization
3D presentations
  • Apps Apps We develop mobile and web apps for ourselves and our clients to help people engage with rich ideas and information in multi-dimensional formats.
  • Services Services Attract sophisticated web users with 3D interfaces to your information. We design visualizations and build platforms to supercharge your content.
  • Insights Insights Read our insights on multi-dimensional information interfaces and what we learn as we release new products and services.

ThoughtScape 3D Mind Map App

ThoughtScape is the world’s first 3D mind-mapping tool for iOS. ThoughtScape’s powerful and easy to use interface allows you to quickly construct mind maps and then view and manipulate them in 3D space.

ThoughtScape does everything a 2D mind-mapping tool can do – and a lot more! Rotate ideas in 3D space, consider them from all the angles, and let your creativity loose. Then publish stunning animated fly-throughs of your 3D mind maps online and via social media.

Virtual Reality information visualization App

VRinfoviz1_400x300COMING Q1 2016 IN THE OCULUS RIFT STORE!
Go inside your data and experience stunning information design in a virtual reality space.

Explore fascinating pre-installed data sets or discover new insights in your own data by being immersed in the information.


MultiDimensionCorp builds innovative 3D and virtual reality apps and works with leading organizations to create powerful 3D information interfaces.

It is a member of the Advanced Human Technologies Group of companies, chaired by futurist and entrepreneur Ross Dawson.

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